My New Mobile Cover Is From Happoz

Getting latest version of mobile is really important for us youngsters. Utmost important for we girls is to get that perfect mobile phone cover. A stylish mobile cover enhances the look of your phone. Even an old mobile phone looks stylish in your hand with a classy mobile cover.

For me I wish to change my mobile cover every two months. Also I would say I am forced to do that as I was buying cover from local sellers and even after paying hefty price of Rs. 500 I wasn’t getting that quality product. The cover would start wearing out from edges right from the day one and colours and prints would fade out. And the thing with these mobile covers is that they look bad once they start chipping.

There is a wave going on these days. Lot of websites have come up that are selling mobile covers. But what I hated about them is that they only focussed on covers for iphone, Samsung like really high end brands. Not everyone is using these phones. For me I personally don’t like iphone. My first smartphone was iphone post that I never bought one.

I am using MI phone these days. I was utterly disappointed with such websites to not be able to find cover for my phone. I even stopped looking for phone cases online when I was referred to

You will be able to find mobile covers for almost all types of smartphones. I was astonished to see their long list of brands and their mobiles. And for each version they give you multiple options to choose from. To make sure I am telling right browse on your own, ha ha

You can also find some cool stuff like t shirts, sipper, mugs etc. The mobile cover I ordered is really chic and classy. I ordered this pink colour floral print cover. Best thing about this cover is that the print stays as it is, absolutely no chipping. The cover is made of hard plastic and keeps my phone intact. I even tried to scratch cover deliberately using my nails to test its quality and surprisingly cover passed the test. The cover has ability to stay scratch proof for long. Happoz guarantees that the colours and print of their covers will remain as it is for long. The cover was shipped to me within three days of placing order. 

R&W Rating – 5/5

  • Caters to large number of brands
  • Offers multiple options for each mobile model
  • Covers stay as it is for long
  • Covers are made of hard plastic that will protect phone
  • Fast shipping
  • None
Stick to R&W
Megha Gupta 


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