Qtrove.com Review And Shopping Experience

I am into organic products fever these days. Best part about this fever is that it is good for my health and skin, haha. One after another I want to try all new and existing organic brands in market. My quest landed me on qtrove.com

This website is dedicated to all kinds of organic products ranging from skincare to food to bathing to bags to accessories and much more. I was excited to see wide range of organic chocolates which are really good for health and diet conscious chocolate lovers. Even I ordered some chocolates for myself. Those were organic chocolates filled with pomegranate. Those were so tasty even though no artificial colour, fragrances, sugar has been added.

The website is really simple and easy to browse. I really like the look of the website. It is really chic and make you want to spend more time on website. Even when I don't have to shop I browse this website randomly to see what other products have been added to kitty. I shopped couple of products from the website and will continue doing so.

Their delivery is super fast and products can be delivered to you within three-five days. The only thing I can suggest to them is that they should devise a method by which they send us all the products in one batch. It is little frustrating to receive multiple products separately. Since they are being dispatched by individual vendor I can understand but as a user I prefer to get my order in one go. I wish if something in this area can be worked upon. 

You can check this video of mine to know what all I shopped from website. 

R&W Rating - 4/5

  • Sells all kinds of organic products 
  • Easy to browse the website
  • Smooth shopping experience 
  • Express delivery 
  • Products are delivered in batches
Let me know of your experience with Qtrove

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Megha Gupta


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