Gangs Of Mixr

Gangs of Mixr party together, share common interests and are smart, young and energetic. I know you must be wondering what is Gangs of Mixr? Well Mixr is an amazing friendship app that you can download on your android or iphone from here.

mixr app

mixr app

I will tell you why you should download Mixr App. First of all, if you have even slightest of doubt that this is one of those dating app, than throw that notion out of your mind immediately. This app is a different kind of app. Like how it happens in college or office like-minded people often come together and become part of a group or gang.

mixr app


This app facilitates you in forming your group on this app. Now you will ask me why I should form a group here. I will tell you why. You must have visited bars, pubs in groups. Have you ever experienced that how easily your group mingles with other group in no time and then you guys start hanging out together.

mixr app

First you have to do is bring all your buddies on mixr. Once they all have mixr on their phones than make a group on app. give it a quirky name like “Bazinga” or whatever you feel like. Once you have your group in place, post few photos and browse for similar group like yours on app. You will find similar groups that have been made in your city. Add them to your circle and then you guys can start interacting online. It is not one to one, rather group to group. You just have to swipe on the groups you like, once they respond back you are ready to mingle and giggle together.

This app is great for youth especially from the age group of 16-30. It is really comfortable chatting with someone in a group via app. You won’t feel any pressure like normally happens in dating apps. You can just casually chat and that to be in groups which is really cool. You can meet like-minded people right at phone.

Mixr App is the brainchild of Pune based tech startup. So guys what you are waiting for, grab your phone and go mixr.  

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