How Affimity Is The Place To Meet People Who Share Your Interest

I love meeting and interacting with new people around the world. It is great for me as a writer, as a person to get feedback from people about my work. Internet has brought the world closer to each other. A great platform like Affimity gives you a great platform where you can meet like-minded people.

I started visiting affimity initially to get some hits to my blog posts. But later I realized that once I used to post my link lot of users use to check my post and they used to comment. They would give me honest feedback, will ask questions. That was something I never expected. You can see the screenshot below and you can take a look at my profile as well. 

On affimity you will find that there are lot of sections like food, parenting, sports, beauty, fitness etc. Your niche could be anything you will surely find a place for yourself here. And for a lifestyle blogger like me who writes on varied topics it’s beneficial for me to post relevant posts in relevant groups. You will get an opportunity to meet and interact with bloggers and writers like you. If you are a reader than also you will find lot of like-minded readers like you?

With little effort I am able to gain followers as well. You can also download its app and can also use it using your laptop. I pray to be so successful that every time I open any social media handle of mine I should have lot of notifications waiting for me. Well that has not happened yet but affimity doesn’t disappoint me. Whenever I login to the website there are some notifications waiting for me. It could be follow request or it could be someone liked my post or commented on it.

I also love reading posts of other writers and affimity gives you an easy access to all at one place. All you have to do is visit your favorite section and scroll.

Using this app or website is really simple. You don’t have to spend time in understanding features. It is really simple. You just have to create your account, and then visit relevant section and just post. You can also add your photos, video links and lot more.

I am getting lot of benefits by using Affimity. What about you?

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Megha Gupta 


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