Fluidity Around You With Liva Fashion

Liva a new age fabric that has been extracted from wood pulp has always intrigued me. As a girl, as a writer I like trying my hands on different fabrics, fashion. When I heard of Liva I wished to get some for my wardrobe. Some of my friends were confused that what exactly is Liva. This is a viscose fabric brand by Aditya Birla Group that has collaborated with various brands like global desi, Allen solly, pantaloons, lifestyle, Aurelia, Biba and many more. 

Due to association of Liva with ethnic, western brands together we girls get variety to choose from. The clothes made with the fabric are stylish, comfortable, flowing, chic and what not. The clothes are so soft and comfortable that you can wear them all day long and can even go to bed in same clothes.

Liva knows that modern women want their clothes to be trendy, fashionable and moreover fluid fashion. And brand has integrated these qualities in their product.

This fibre is 100% natural and biodegradable. Liva is becoming favourite among women of all age groups. Due to its stylish appeal it has been associated with various fashion weeks like Amazon India Fashion Week, Lakme Fashion Week.

Liva had their lounge set up during Amazon India Fashion Week. You can see their designs, fabric. Lot of celebrities like Riddhima Kapoor, Shy, Isha Rajpal, Sunil Sethi graced the occasion. They all are successful in their profession and shared what for them is fluid is you.

Women have to don lot of hats and it is the fact we can’t escape. Riddhima said that it is important to strike a balance to do everything right and it is important to maintain sanity. Isha Rajpal shared that how she fluid she is when it comes to managing her home, her work, kids and most importantly herself. It is really important to find some time for yourself.

Sunil Sethi, President of FDCI shared his take on men’s fashion in really quirky way. Liva is definitely making its way in Indian Fashion and has global appeal to it. This is the reason why lot of famous celebrities like Kangana, Aditi Rao are associated with the brand.

My Diwali shopping for this year is all Liva. I got some really stylish, comfy clothes that I can wear to work. I can proudly say that I am a Liva Girl and for me definitely #FluidIsYou

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Megha Gupta 


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