How To Plan One Day Trip Amidst Of Demonetization

Recently I took a day off from work and went to Agra on one day trip with my family. When we decided on trip just three days before the shock of demonetization came and we thought that we have to cancel our Taj Mahal Tour plan. But then we decided no this is the real challenge, why not face it. My sister was really determined to make this trip a success. She stood in line and got Rs. 4,000 exchanged. It took her nearly three hours but what we experienced on the trip was worth it. We figured out that we have only Rs. 2,000 in hundred Rs. notes and that’s it. So we had total of Rs. 6,000 in new notes for the trip. Keep reading to know how we managed to complete same day Agra tour by car. 

delhi agra one day tour package

We carried around Rs. 6,000 in old currency notes just in case we get lucky.

Toll – We had to take Yamuna expressway to reach Agra and we started early in the morning. At the toll when we reached they were accepting old Rs. 500 notes. So there we managed to pay using old currency note.

Breakfast – We stopped on the way to grab some breakfast, our bad luck their card machine was not functional. So we had to pay using 100 notes. We felt so bad when we had to use our valuable 100 Rs. notes. 

Snacks – We prepared our bagwati and filled it with juices, chips, cold drinks that we bought beforehand in Noida using our card so that we don’t have to use our change on the way to buy these. 

taj mahal of agra

Tickets – When we reached Taj Mahal we were able to buy tickets using old Rs. 500 note and got change back in 100’s so whatever we spent on breakfast we got that change back. Similarly at Agra fort also we were able to manage with old 500 Rs. notes and got change back in 100 Rs. At both the places tickets for four people was Rs. 160 (40 each) so calculate on your own how much we got back each time.

Food – Once we were done with sightseeing it was time to have full-fledged meal as all day we munched on snacks only so that it doesn’t feel too much. And it is fine to eat less when you have to walk a lot. We choose to eat at South Indian restaurant Lakshmi Villas and we paid using our card.

Cutting Down – We had planned on shopping for footwear in Agra. But due to cash crunch we cut down on shopping as nowhere in market cards were working. Agra is a small city so doesn’t expect cards to be working everywhere. So we had to restrict our shopping to only souvenirs, sweets, and namkeen and marble boxes. Our shopping was done in Rs. 1000 

my visit to taj mahal

Taxi payment – If you calculate whole day we didn’t had to use our 4,000 (two 2,000 Rs. notes) so we used that amount to pay for our taxi.

So this was the story of how I and my family managed our trip literally cashless. Demonetization I know is causing a little inconvenience for all of us but if we use our brain it won’t be much difficult to manage your life and expenses. Our leader is trying to make our lives better and it is our moral responsibility to support him. I don’t mind giving up my shopping if this little inconvenience can solve big problems in my nation.

I hope that this experience of mine was helpful and you can also use some tips to plan your trip. Please share your experiences with me. Don’t forget to check out my Agra Trip vlog.

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