How To Utilize Your Spare 5k At The End Of Each Month To Reap Benefits In Future?

Our lifestyle is really fast these days. We in our young age are earning good salary at the end but what about savings for future. We often think that it is fine if some money is lying there in our bank account. We just want to prevent ourselves from any kind of hassle of finding options to invest. You can start a SIP for 2000 as some vacation fund or start recurring deposit of 3000 to build an emergency fund which many of us don't have. However one more important thing you should invest if you haven't is life insurance. At times we are under impression that investment for Life Insurance will be an expensive affair. What we don't know is that early you start investing in Life insurance is better for us. Rs. 1 crore life insurance policy premium could be merely Rs, 500 for a 25 year old person. You can also choose from variety of SIP plans and Rs. 5000 that is lying there in your account every month can be utilized in various investment options. 

What if investing money was as simple as online shopping? Like how we spend time browsing shopping websites what if investing options were there at one click? #YehBhiOnline

Being a finance manager and lifestyle writer searching for savings plans and letting my readers know about it comes naturally to me. I recently discovered so simple to use HDFC Life website. You can fill your details and accordingly best options will be displayed for your reference. If you have even slightest knowledge of how insurance works than you don’t require any help.

Just in case you know nothing about investing in insurance and finance. Then you have assistance from customer care executive from HDFC Life who will help you in choosing what is best for you. You can chat with them online or you can also call them. They will guide you about premium, benefits and other things involved in your insurance plan. Even post-sales support like policy tracker, policy servicing and many other is there for you.

It is a myth that to invest in an insurance saving plan you have to have lot of money. Even with a small amount like Rs. 5000 which lies there in your bank account every month a well-paying insurance plan can be purchased. You can choose from wide range of options a saving plan for yourself or for your child.

Lot of people want to invest in insurance plans but just because of less knowledge or plan seems complicated people often refrain from investing. Insurance is important part of our life and we should include it in our modern lifestyle. It not only secures your future when you are alive but also for your loved ones after you. All you have to do now is click.

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Megha Gupta 


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