Interview With Miss Punjab 2016 Harmanjeet Kaur Mann

Hello Friends,

I know it has been while since you get to read an interview on R&W. But here is one for you today. Harman has recently won Miss Punjab 2016 title and here is few excerpts from the interview. 

What was your motivation behind participation?

I got an idea about 'Miss Punjab' from my sister. She insisted me to participate in it. I was planning to go for a pageant but hadn;t really thought of this big platform.

Please share something about your background, education

I was born in the suburbs of Patiala, in a tiny village. I am currently studying in twelfth standard. In my family, my dad is a professor and mom is a homemaker, i've got a younger brother and a really supportive sister.

How were you as a kid? Did you then aspire to participate in beauty pageant? 

I was a very shy and silent kid back then but was always filled with million thoughts and question. I was extreamly curious and also creative, i used to sit alone and create something amazing out of junk. i was always the most creative in my class. Even then, I loved fashion and makeup. I used to make a mess out of my mom's cosmetics (laughs). I also LOVED heels and bought many, although i was just 11 or 12. I was too young to plan to go for a beauty pageant but i did fantasise myself being an actress or a model infront of the mirror. (shys) 

How was your experience at the pageant? Please share few tips for future participants?

The experience was amazing, It has polished my etiquettes and skills, I've learnt hundreds of new things. It has made a huge impact on my overall personality and confidence. My self-esteem is boosted. One thing I'd like to say to the future participants is that believing in yourself is the first step towards winning, I've met alot of girl who are so critical towards their own selves that it overshadows their potential, a firm belief in youself would take you to heights, rest is your hard work and consistency. 

What is next for you?

Next is yet to come. I'm currently looking to complete my basic education, and eyeing on doing my professional studies in fashion designing and modeling, apart from the projects I shall be taking up along side. The organizers are selecting the right kinds of projects for me.

Please share your diet, workout routine?

I avoid junk as much as i can. I maintain a good balanced diet that nourishes me with all the essential nutrients. I drink a lot of water and i eat lots of fruits. I don't cut carbs completely from my diet because I need alot of energy for the whole day. I take cheat meals only if I had followed my diet plan throughout the week. Currently i've been consuming more amount of protiens as it's a requirement for my workout. My workout is a balance of cardio and weight lifting. I do an ab workout everyday. I work on rest of the muscles 3 times a week and I hardly skip gym. 

Which Indian beauty you admire the most?

Undoubtedly, Deepika Padukone. The way she carries herself, her hair, styling, just about everything.


  1. Congratulations Harman!
    Your story will inspire many youngsters out there, to do what they believe in.
    Way to go, girl! ��