St D’Vence London Face Wash Review

Every now and then I am trying new face wash brands for you all so that I can share my reviews here and then you can decide accordingly if you wish to invest or not in the same. Mine is acne prone skin, so I always prefer antibacterial face wash for my skin. You must have seen my recent St D’Vence haul video here where you will get to know what all products I got. So here I am today with my first St D’Vence London product review. My today’s review is for St D’Vence London Face Wash.

st d'vence london face wash review

best face wash for acne prone skin for men

Packaging – The face wash is housed in a clear and slim plastic bottle with a pump on top of it. The pump is white in colour and whole packaging is in black, green and white colour which looks attractive. The bottle is travel friendly.

best acne facewash for men

Ingredients – St D’Vence claims that their face wash is a deep skin cleansing face wash so the key ingredients used are essential tea tree oil, aloe vera and green tea. All these three ingredients when mixed together forms best acne face wash for both men and women.

aloevera, tea tree oil face wash

My Experience – St D’Vence London Face Wash is a green colour face wash which has thick gel based consistency. This is the reason that you need only pea size quantity for each wash. I am using this face wash twice a day and even these photos have been taken when this bottle is almost half. This is not 100% natural face wash. Though this is not a moisturizing face wash, yet it is mild and forms sufficient lather to cleanse skin well. It is able to remove dirt from face in one go and leaves behind soft and supple skin. I apply cream on my face immediately after wash. This face wash is suitable for all skin types although dry skin people might feel little unsatisfied with the product. It has rich herbal fragrance which can be little too much for sensitive noses. For me any good smell would do haha. This face wash has qualities which makes it best facial cleanser. I feel refreshed after using this face wash. Ever since I have started using this face wash I have not experienced any acne on my skin. So this can also be used as face wash for acne prone skin. If you have too much acne please consult your doctor before using any product. If you ask me, I would love to buy this again and again. 100 ml of this face wash is priced at Rs. 199. Click here to buy online

st d'vence products review

st d'vence products

  • Thick gel based consistency
  • Aloe vera, green tea and tea tree oil
  • Antibacterial face wash
  • Great option for acne prone skin
  • Herbal fragrance
  • Nice packaging

  • Not moisturizing
  • Not 100% natural

R&W Rating – 4/5

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