Tata Hexa Experience – An Experience Like Never Before

If you guys follow me on my instagram, you will know that I recently went to Tata Hexa Experience Centre at Gurgaon. I was so excited to be there that I kept on posting about the event.

tata hexa gurgaon

Trust me it was like magic unfolding in front of our eyes. You hear about car launches and may have witnessed some at Auto Expo. But this was definitely way ahead of whatever you have witnessed till date.

tata hexa

Whole Huda EO ground was venue for Tata Experience. Once I stepped inside I completely forgot that we are standing on the ground. There were lot of sections ranging from activity section, then pet section, hospitality, food, Tata brands, tea coffee session to experience. There was a separate section that was dedicated for kids. Lot of kids were seen enjoying and participating in the activities.

Never in my life have I seen so many kids at Auto launch. Tata Hexa will be launched in Indian market in January 2017. Currently tests, trials and experiences are going on throughout the countries. And popular cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon are selected as centres for Hexa Experience.

hexa experience in delhi

It was like an open invitation to normal public, media to come and experience the difference. You were allowed to register online and if you haven’t registered online than also you were allowed on the spot registration.

I went there on media invite and it feel nice (yeah, m being a show-off here, haha) Big beauties were lined up for our experience. Everyone was ogling at the new Tata Hexa XUV. My dream is to own one someday that I can buy with my hard earned money.

celebs at tata hexa gurgaon

As I mentioned there were activities counters and we could have even made our GIF. That was super fun. For kids’ lot of craft, art, games and other activities were there. It was like a well arranged carnival. And that was not it. We witnessed various stunts that were performed on the ground right in front of our eyes. We all if we wanted to get to #HexaExperience. I with bunch of other girls sat inside the car and we experienced the adventurous ride. Like climbing up and down the staircase, harsh driving on rough patch of road, driving in the pit full of water and mud. You don’t need any roller-coaster ride after that. For me it was like being in a Rohit Shetty’s film for real.

This car has Jaguar interiors and is great on rough roads, stairs, doesn’t slip on a slippery road. It was amazing to witness it not just on television but for real.

This was definitely one of the best events I have attended till date. If given chance I would love to relive all the moments once again.

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