Biotique Botanicals Baby & Kids Products Review

Biotique Botanicals is one of my favorite herbal products brand in India. Biotique Herbal Products ranges from skincare to hair-care to cosmetics. Previously on blog I have reviewed Biotique Botanicals Face Wash, Biotique Botanicals Tan Removal Scrub, Biotique Botanicals Soap, Biotique Botanicals Body Lotion. You can check how these products together can make a perfect skincare regime, click to read here how

Biotique products for kids and babies

The esteemed brand has also ventured into products for kids and babies in collaboration with Disney. I was so excited  to try out their kids range as well. Already Biotique is so gentle while choosing ingredients for products for us, so I thought how careful they will be while creating the products for kids. You know we girls love to try all kinds of kids range on ourselves because guess what we never grow old. 

biotique hair oil review

I got four products in total. 

Biotique Botanicals Bio Almond Oil

Biotique Botanicals Bio-Berry Body Wash

Biotique Botanicals Honey Sunshine Nourishing Lotion 

Biotique Botanicals Apple Twist Shampoo

All four products are 100% natural and have rich ingredients in it. These products are not at all tested on animals. I have tested these products on me and here is the detailed review for you all. Let's go over all the Biotique products one by one. 

biotique green apple shampoo review

Biotique Botanicals Bio Almond Oil Review 

biotique bio oil review

Packaging - Biotique oil comes packed in slim, long, cylindrical bottle with attractive packaging. Disney cartoons are making it all look rich and colorful. The standard green-white combination of Biotique persists with every product packaging. Bottle has a dropper through which you can extract desired quantity. Packaging prevents any kind of spillage yes even after opening. This is priced at Rs. 150 for 200ml 

biotique herbal products

R&W Review - Biotique Almond Oil is mild oil with sweet fragrance. The fragrance is really soothing and I am sure kids will like it. It is easy to apply, gets absorbed easily and keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day. I am sure for kids Biotique Body oil will fare well. On kids soft skin it will spread effortlessly. Best thing is that this product is enriched with organic ingredients which will make kids skin soft, bones strong. 

Biotique Botanicals Bio Berry Body Wash Review

Packaging - It's packaging is similar to that of almond oil. This is priced at Rs. 180 for 200 ml 

Ingredients - 
biotique berry baby body wash review

R&W Review - I take few drops of body wash on loofah and it is so gentle that with no effort it spreads and make rich foam. It is great in cleansing dirt in no time. Its nice sweet fragrance lingers for sometime that fades away. I have noticed that it is also effective in keeping body odour away. Skin feels so soft and nourished. Its too gentle, mild formula makes this product apt for kids. 

Biotique Botanicals Honey Sunshine Nourishing Body Lotion Review

biotique honey sunshine lotion review

Packaging - Comes in green-white colour to be squeezed bottle. The packaging ensures no wastage and is travel friendly. The photo of snow white on it makes it look so cute. I really loved the packaging of all the four products. I am sure you guys will also love it. This is priced at Rs 280 for 190 ml 

Ingredients -
biotique disney collaboration

R&W Review - Biotique Body lotion smells heavenly. I love its fragrance so much that just for the sake of fragrance i smell it at times throughout the day. Lotion has rich texture, spreads easily on skin. Skin looks clear, glowing, soft and nourished with its regular usage. It is really nice body lotion. I am sure its great way to pamper your kids skin with this lotion. 

Biotique Botanicals Apple Twist Shampoo Review

biotique shampoo review

Packaging - Biotique apple baby shampoo packaging is similar to that of nourishing lotion except the bottle is clear. It is travel friendly. This is priced at Rs. 175 for 200ml 

Ingredients - 
biotic botaicals products review

R&W Review - When you buy a baby shampoo you expect it to be mild so that it doesn't hurt baby eyes while wash. The shampoo is really mild, doesn't hurt (i actually tested this) and smells good. I have a feeling that boys will love this shampoo more than girls. 

All the Biotique products are amazing and I must say brand has launched quite an interesting range of products. All these are organic, not tested on animals. Full marks to all of them. Next time if you wish to get some products for your kids or for yourself (if you like to use kids products) than try these. 

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