Natural Remedies For Dark Circles, Reduce Dark Circles In A Week

Long working hours, pollution leads to exhaustion, stress and eye fatigue. Moreover improper diet, less sleep leads to eye bags, puffy eyes and dark circles. I know you have tried best product for dark circles, you have best dark circle removal cream but that is not working. You are now worried how to reduce dark circles. 

how to remove dark circles permanently

If dark circles are not treated on time they tend to stay as permanent around eyes. I guess more than 80% of people face the problem of dark circles. In this writeup I will share some really quick and easy tips that will help in reducing dark circles in a week. Don’t worry I am not going to suggest you any pastes or packs to help you with. 

I am also working girl plus I run a blog. I hardly get time to prepare pastes and packs. So I know the time crunching situation of working men and women. I will suggest you really simple tips by which you can get rid of dark circles in just seven days. And yes you will thank me for this as these home remedies for dark circles reduction doesn’t disturb your schedule. These remedies are for everyone who is struggling with dark circles. 

Vitamin E Cream – Promise yourself that you will always pamper your skin with Vitamin E enriched cream. In the morning after face wash when you apply cream, take generous quantity and apply on your eye lids, under eye area in circular motion. Massage it till the time no trace of cream is left. This will keep your skin hydrated and any vitamin e deficiency on top layer of skin will also be gone. Do this regularly and see how quickly your dark circles will start vanishing. 

Removal of Eye Makeup – Use only cream based remover to remove your eye makeup. Remove every trace of eye makeup especially kajal, liner before you go to sleep. Any trace left slowly gets deposited on your under eye area skin and forms black layer around your eyes that looks like you have got dark circles. If this continues for long that layer sets permanently. Even best face wash is not capable of removing eye makeup. So include a cream based make up remover in your regime. I use Anherb’s it is not that expensive. 

Eyes Relaxation – This tip is especially for those who watch lot of TV or work on laptop/desktop for long hours. Eyes generally get lot stressed due to screen and needs relaxation. Stressed eyes, or fatigue is one of the key reasons that one gets dark circles. It is said that your own palms are the best healers for your body. Rub your palms together and when they are warm put them on your closed eyes. Repeat this for 5-6 times and repeat whole process atleast thrice a day. Your eyes will relax and it will also help in reduction of dark circles. 

Massage With Aloe Vera GelAloe Vera Gel is also known as Ghritkumari. Naturally aloe gel is cold in nature. At night once you have cleansed your face and before you go to sleep, take pea size gel and massage in circular motions for good three to four minutes over, around your eyes. This helps in reducing blackness around the eyes, makes eye area soft and adds glow. This remedy is also helpful in getting you very relaxing sleep. 

All these tips suggested are really simple and if you have light dark circles these will be gone in a week. If you have really rigid and really dark under eye circles than it will take at least a month to see visible results. But these remedies will work for sure if you are getting proper sleep and you can increase vitamin A and E enriched foods in your diet. 

I hope that this writeup was helpful. You can also watch the video for whole demonstration. 

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