SnapStore App Review – Going Vintage In This Digital World

Digitalization of world has made all of us photographers to some extent. What, you just have to click your mobile and yes you have a photo on your screen. I remember as a child lot of kids used to bring their albums, photos to school to show to other classmates. Now we just whatsapp on group and we are done. The emotions with the photos don’t stay for long when you are looking at a digital image. Now when you think of getting them printed it is definitely a pain visiting photographer studio, hand him over SD card or pen drive. I used to pray that in world of apps can’t there be just one app in India where you can get your photos printed online. There were some websites for sure but trust me they charge bomb.

snapstore app review

snap store app review

Thanks to the creators of Snap Store App that they came up with amazing idea and launched their amazing photo printing app.

snapstore photo printing app review

This is the first look of app. On Snap Store you can choose to print poster, frames, snaps, snapbook. Whenever I download an app the first thing I check how easy it is to use. This app is so user friendly, you just have to choose your favourite photos from your phone memory to submit for printing. You can also connect your Facebook, instagram and use photos from there to get prints.

photo printing app snap store

snap store app review

snapstore app review
I decided to print 18 photos and that to in vintage large 5x5 inches. When I saw the price I was about to faint as it was so less. The local studio around my house charge hefty amount and doesn’t deliver quality photos, plus he takes his own sweet time in giving me prints back.

snapstore app review

snapstore review

snap store image printing app review
In total I paid Rs. 173 to get 18 vintage large photos in 5x5 inches along with delivery charges to snap store. It was less than 10 Rs. per photograph. I swear I can’t get this amazing deal at any local studio. I received my photos within 4-5 working days. That was so cool and easy.

image app in india

Quality of the photographs and the sheet used for printing is of amazing quality. You can do photo walls with the help of these photographs. You can create your albums. You have so many options to choose from be vintage, poster size, normal photos. This is so easy right. You can even plan surprise for all your friends. Get your group photos printed and hand over copies. Trust me by doing this they will love you more.

R&W Rating – 5/5

You can download the app from here and here and go vintage in this modern world.

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