Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips - An Innovative Snacking Option

You feel hungry during the day for most of us our go to snack is munching chips. Normally in market we find potato chips and every brand offer like similar flavors. So there are literally not many options for us to choose from. But not anymore with the introduction of Terra Chips in Indian snacks market. 

terra exotic chips launched in india

gourmet chips in india

Terra Adventure is the real vegetable chips that are available in exotic flavors. These chips are made from lot of vegetables like beet, natural blue potato, sweet potato, yuca, parsnip, ruby dipped vegetables and lot many colorful and healthy vegetables. This is the reason why when you open the pack the chips are yellow-orange, purple, blue, red, pink in colour. For lot of vegetables that are striped when you slice them, chips made from them have stripes which look good. These chips are high in nutrition and tastes good. Chips appear colorful and make your food look good. 

terra gourmet chips in india

gourmet chips options in india

We served these chips along with tea to our guests and they were like what are these? They look so beautiful, colorful and are really healthy chips. This was definitely a unique experience as vegetable chips were something that most of us have never experienced before. These come with right hint of salt and spices that enriches the taste of chips. 

high quality chips in india

terra chips in india

Terra chips are apt for gourmet snacking, healthy snacking and looks really good on your dining table, in front of guests. Such things uplift your lifestyle and people look impressed like wow these guys are awesome. 

gluten free chips

blue potato chips

When my neighbors tasted these they ordered some for her kid’s birthday party. As generally love eating good looking, colorful food. And we know how much kids love munching chips. What if we give them option where they can satisfy their cravings for chips and also they get some nutrition?

You can order these online or can use their website to locate a store near to your place. This is definitely one of the best ways of snacking. You can be so diet conscious but at times you have cravings and healthy snacking via Terra chips is definitely one of the best options to try.

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