The Violet Box Vs My Envy Box

I recently unboxed and reviewed December month The Violet Box and My Envy Box. I thought why I don’t do an interesting comparison between the two on several interesting factors.

the violet box vs my envy box

Variety – The Violet Box offers two options to choose from. We can choose to order period subscription box or beauty subscription box or when we are really generous to ourselves may be both. My envy box is into two types of boxes jewellery edition boxes and my envy box beauty subscription box.

Since I received beauty subscription box from both brands I can draw a comparison between the two.

Price - The Violet Box Beauty Subscription Box is priced at Rs. 749 and My Envy Box subscription box is priced at Rs. 850 for one month.

the violet box better than my envy box

Value – The Violet Box tries to introduce us to new brands every time and for December month box I got total 11 products in which two full size, one medium size, coffee, chocolates and rest sample size tubes. Envy box included five products in total for December month box. They include eye lash curler, one lipstick, one full size product and two lip butters. It was like complete assorted beauty box. Both boxes have done extremely well value wise. Now it depends on you what you want. If you wish to have lot of sample products, plus some chocolate, coffee and two full size products than you can choose The Violet Box. If you wish to get curler, lipstick and other skin care product than you can choose to buy My Envy Box. Price-value wise The Violet Box definitely has outdone My Envy Box by few points.

Box Quality – My Envy Box is extremely famous for its boxes. Each month box is unique on its own and something you always want to keep in your cupboard. I wish I could say same thing for The Violet Box. My box withered when I tried to open it first time. Here My Envy Box has outdone The Violet Box for sure.

Brands – Both the beauty box brands do their level best to bring best of the brands for us to try. What a coincidence that in December both gave us products from Roots And Herbs to try. So here I can’t say which one is doing better than the other.

Themes – The Violet Box engages famous celebrities from fashion and beauty world to design their each month’s box. Like December month box was designed by famous Bollywood designer Archana Kochchar and Savvy Magazine. My Envy Box is famous for choosing various themes. Like for December month their theme was lashes and pouts, the box was completely dedicated to party month.
What a coincidence again that for December month both the boxes got 4/5 on R&W. This was when I didn’t even decide to compare the two. So depends on what your preference is you can choose to order any one or may be both, haha.

Based on points above I have summarized the comparison in the table below 

Violet Box
Envy Box
Beauty Box, Period Subscription Box
Beauty subscription box, Jewellery edition box
Rs. 749 & 849
Rs. 850
11 products for Rs. 749; 2 Full size, 1 deluxe size and rest sample size
5 Full size Products for R.s 850
Products Range
High end skincare and beauty Products, chocolates, coffee
High end skincare, makeup and beauty Products
Worth of products
Rs. 3600
Rs. 2100

I hope that you guys have enjoyed reading this writeup. Let me know what you think of both the boxes.

Stick to R&W
Megha Gupta 


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