How To Make Toner At Home For Clear, Spotless, Acne Free Skin

Acne free skin, spotless skin, clear skin can be dream for some. Some wonder why her skin is better than mine. You only need to be careful with cleaning, moisturising and toning of your skin. Now I know you must be thinking toner is not that important. Now that’s where you are not right. Toner is very important cleansing agent with anti-bacterial properties which is really helpful in keeping your skin acne free. Facial toner is undoubtedly one of the most under-rated products in Indian skin care market.

Some girls often wonder how I can have stock of skin care products without making hole in pocket. In this writeup today you will learn how you can make toner at home in few simple steps. You can use your weekend to make toner and can use it for an entire week.

How to make facial toner at home  

Ingredients for homemade natural toner – You need 100ml purified water, green tea, lemon and aloe vera gel

Heat water in pan and once it starts boiling add two spoonful of green-tea in it. Boil it till the time it remains half the quantity of water. Keep the solution aside to become cold.

Once it is cold squeeze in half lemon.

In the green tea lemon solution add half spoonful of aloe vera gel. Mix it well and your toner is ready. 
You can now store it in an empty spray bottle or normal bottle and keep it in fridge. In winters it is fine to store it outside. This homemade toner will last for a week.

Use it every-day by taking few drops on cotton and dab it on your skin. Your skin will become clear, spotless with its regular usage.

This homemade green tea toner is apt for all skin types.

You can also watch this video for whole demonstration.

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