How To Make Your Hands Skin Soft And Clear Overnight

You just stole a glance at your colleague’s beautiful hands and then you secretly saw that yours doesn’t appear good. You are envious now (Oh please don’t lie that you are not). She tells you she goes for manicure once a month and doesn’t have to do anything related to household work or anything. You said to yourself ohh now I know why your hands look visibly clear, soft and beautiful. I have plenty of things on my plate so it is justifiable that my hands don’t look as beautiful as yours. Well I will say you are just making excuses so that you feel happy, but you are not my dear. I can help you come out of this situation with this simple overnight magical formula to make your skin bright, white, clear and soft. 

how to make hands soft and white overnight
How To Make Your Hands Soft Overnight

How To Make Your Hands Skin Soft and Clear Overnight 

This procedure has to be followed during night as it is advisable to go to sleep straight after that. 

What you need Face wash, scrub, glycerine, tissues, gloves, moisturizer or hand cream and lukewarm water 2 bowls. 

First, warm the water so that it is lukewarm. Take one portion for now and save the rest. 

Dip your hands, take few drops of face wash and rub on your hands. By massaging slowly for 1-2 minutes cleanse your hands. Once done wash your hands in lukewarm water. Then squeeze out some scrub on your hands and massage it gently for good 3-4 minutes. Make sure you are scrubbing in between fingers; back of your hand, front, and both sides of finger nails and wash your hands in the same water you used earlier to wash your face wash. 

Throw that water and add fresh water you saved earlier. Add a spoonful of glycerine to it and dip your hands. Very gently massage your hands in circular motions using your fingertips. Continue it for next two-three minutes. 

Wipe your hands with clean tissue. You can also use a clean handkerchief/towel. Take moisturizer or hand cream in generous quantity and apply on both the hands. Massage them really well for another three minutes so that the lotion gets absorbed in skin. Once done, wear gloves on your hands. If you don’t have gloves you can use a clean pair of socks. You can also use the semi-transy socks that are a rage these days in market as a replacement of gloves

Then you don’t have to do anything, just keep your hands inside sheets and go to sleep. Just in case you are really busy and don’t have time to follow this process overnight than you can follow same procedure twice a week excluding gloves part. 

Also keep your lotion/hand cream handy and during the day you must apply after every time you wash your hands. This is a great way to keep your hands soft. 

You can also check this video demonstration on my channel here. 

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