Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm Review

Cold and dry winters lead to chapped lips. What you need is a good lip balm that not only heals your dry and chapped lips but also makes them smooth and soft. I keep on investing in lip balms as I use lot of them. Today in this post I am going to review Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm.

Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Review
Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm
About the Brand – Kronokare is an Indian brand that promises to make your skin happy by supplying SLS and Paraben Free products.

kronokare lip balm review
Kronokare Lip Balm
About the Product – Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Cooling Explosion Lip Balm is one of their distinctive products out of many. It is distinctive as Kronokare has used peppermint as one of the key ingredients for their lip balm.

Packaging – Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Lip Balm is packed in white-blue colour tube with black colour twist to open cap to seal it. You can squeeze the product and can directly apply on lips. Either you can extract on your finger and use it. The packaging is cute and convenient.

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Kronokare Lip Balm Packaging
 Ingredients – Kronokare Lip balm is formulation of Almond oil, sunflower oil, bees wax, vitamin E acetate, peppermint essential oil

Brand Claims – Kronokare claims that their super rich Vitamin E lip balm is a delicious mix of peppermint, shea butter and sunflower oil that restores tired tissues and keeps your lips cool

krookare the frizz kiss lip balm
Kronokare The Frizz Kiss Lip Balm Ingredients
Review – I swear on every lip balm on this earth that I never had such an experience before like I had with Kronokare The Frizz Kiss CoolingExplosion Lip Balm. Once you apply it on your lips, the pink set becomes so cool like the similar cooling sensation you experience when you eat a peppermint candy and drink water after that. Exactly you got it, similar cooling sensation I felt on my lips and it was awesome. The lip balm smells great like a peppermint. You will feel instantly refreshed. The lip balm is effective in healing chapped lips, remove dryness and moisturize them. The lip balm is a transparent lip balm and is good for 3-4 hours. It needs touch-up if you eat whole meal. Best thing is that this lip balm is 100% natural. It does not have SLS, parabens. Instead of investing in any local made balm it is way better to buy Kronokare as it is 100% natural and not heavily priced. As it is not tinted so it can be used by boys as well. They often face difficulty in choosing right kind of lip balm for them. Their search ends at Kronokare Frizz Kiss Balm and I am sure they are going to love the name, haha.

kronokare lip balm swatch
Kronokare Lip Balm Swatch

Price –
Rs. 95 for 10ml, click here to buy online

100% natural product
Enriched with almond oil, peppermint
Leaves cooling sensation on lips
Heals chapped lips
Lasts for 3-4 hours
Cute and convenient packaging


R&W Rating – 5/5

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