Suresh Prabhu And Uma Prabhu Launches Karma Quest At World Book Fair

As a cosmic principle, Karma is the law of cause and effect. It is a time-tested understanding that Karma treats everyone equally. If you harm others, harm will come to you but if you serve to uplift others, the benefit you receive will be in positive multiples. Even though ‘Karma’ is a household term, few know how they can increase their karmic assets in life’s balance sheet. The book, Karma Sutra, assimilates this knowledge and presents it to the contemporary man in a manner that he can relate to and imbibe from.

And, it is the multiple language versions of Karma Sutra (the flagship product of the Hingori Sutras) that were launched today by Mr Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister for Indian Railways. Besides English, the Karma Sutra has been translated into Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and German. The intent of the Hingori Sutras is to make their books available in several Asian and European languages.

The Hingori Sutras comprise of a series of 5 books that collectively distil the spiritual wisdom of ancient Indian Masters. In the words of Mr Suresh Prabhu, "In a world where humanity plays second fiddle to capitalism, the Hingori Sutras invoke fresh perspectives and provide a barometer to gauge one's journey through life's adventures. The best thing about such books which constantly churn the mind is that they help you clarify concepts. The one insight from the Hingori Sutras that I try to imbibe in my everyday life is to serve others selflessly because I understand that in the service of others lies my evolution as a human being.”

Joining Mr Prabhu at the event to launch the Karma Sutra was his wife, Mrs Uma Prabhu. Amid a lot of buzz, Uma introduced another one of Hingori Sutras’ pioneering products – the Karma Quest®. This is the only IQ test in the world that offers prescription for spiritual advancement by assessing the spiritual quotient of a person. The prescription categorises a person into 4 different levels. Each level offers unique advice based on the 3P’s – namely, philosophy, philanthropy and practise and also includes guided suggestions of books to read for self-evolution.

Lauding the efforts of the Hingori Sutras in launching Karma Quest®, Mrs Uma Prabhu said,

“I have enjoyed taking the Karma Quest® to assess my spiritual IQ. Some of the questions made me reflect long and hard. And I wondered how was it that such a simple concept was never thought of earlier? I feel that the spiritual IQ test should be made mandatory for all those who are intent on experimenting with their spirituality.”

Speaking on behalf of Hingori Sutras, a spokesperson explained, “The basic philosophy of Hingori – the author - is that, for spiritual learning to happen, a spiritual book must be a combination of philosophy, philanthropy and practises. Else, the book cannot transcend to becoming a central part of you and remains a theoretical reference tool. Therefore, the Hingori Sutras are simple to understand, contemporary in context and are based on real-life stories.”

Adding further, the spokesperson of Hingori Sutras said, “Moreover, Hingori, believes that to perform good deeds that leave a trail of inspirational messages for humanity, one does not need an identity. And since, spiritual vanity is against the fabric of the author’s conditioning, he chooses to stay anonymous and let the transformation induced by his work, speak for itself. The author’s anonymity led us to innovate on introducing our books to the public. Since author readings would not be possible we decided to use the medium of music and dance to bring alive some key concepts from our books.

Thus, the ‘Ballad of Karma’ took form and today you saw a memorable performance of the same, by danseuse, Jonaki Raghavan.”

About the Hingori Sutras:
The Hingori Sutras are products that not only fuel the curiousty of a spiritual seeker but also provide the knowledge that is required to awaken the wisdom within. These include 5 books – which are easy to read and easy to follow, as well as the Karma Quest® – the IQ test which offers prescription for spiritual advancement.

Books available in the market are Karma Sutra, Aatma Sutra and Dream Sutra. Upcoming books are, Guru Sutra and Yoga Sutra.


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