My Envy Box February 2017 Review, My Envy Box Valentine Month Special

New month, new challenges, new dreams and everything new. Especially when it’s February, a month of spring, month of love, month of valentine you can’t escape from the charming vibes. This is the reason why best beauty subscription box of India has gone red this month. A nice floral print my envy box looks all the way more gorgeous and lovely with some amazing products to pamper us.

My Envy Box February 2017 Box
My Envy Box February 2017 Box

Let me give you quick glance of what all I have received in this month’s My Envy Box.

My Envy Box Valentine Edition Box

Loreal Paris Kajal Magique Bold – Loreal Kajal Magique Bold is an ultimate black kajal with 25% more concentrated in black pigments. Loreal claims that its formula contains 2x more vitamin E and is gentle on eyes.

Loreal Paris Kajal Magique Bold is priced at Rs. 350

My Envy Box February 2017 Box
My Envy Box February 2017 Box
Avene Micellaire Lotion – Avene Micellaire Lotion is for sensitive skin. Avene is a French brand that entails in premium products. In the box sample size of 25ml was included so price wasn’t disclosed. Avene Micellaire lotion can be used as a makeup remover, cleanser.

Avene Micellaire Lotion 200ml is priced at Rs. 3,300+

My Envy Box February 2017 Box
My Envy Box February 2017 Box
Votre Face Serum – Votre face serum is enriched with cold pressed oils, herbal blends and innovative moleculest.

Votre Face Serum 12ml cute bottle is priced at Rs. 1,670

Gulnare Gold Dust Highlighter – This is a new highlighter brand that is introduced to us by My Envy Box. This highlighter is to be used for contouring. Best part is that this is 100% organic product

Gulnare Gold Dust Highlighter is priced at Rs. 950

Overall the products are really nice. The only thing that bothered me this month was that My Envy Box didn't included any leaflet or pamphlet this month that as all the information about the products.

R&W Rating - 4/5

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Megha Gupta 


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