Home Remedies For Back Acne Treatment, How To Treat Body Acne In Seven Days

Acne is like a curse to skin and when you get back acne the frustration level crosses even sky limit. Your plan of wearing sexy, backless blouse can be spoiled due to back acne. In this writeup today I will share some skincare tips to treat acne at home. I am sharing some home remedies for removal of back acne.

These skincare tips are really simple and you can accommodate many in your daily schedule

Bathing Water – You have to make sure that your bathing water has an antibacterial in it. Here I am not referring to Dettol or any other antiseptic. Neem is the most effective natural antibacterial. If you have access to real neem leaves it is great. Pluck some leaves and boil them. Add the solution to your bathing water and then take bath. If you can’t get neem leaves than you can use a neem soap preferably Margo Neem soap or Medimix. Cleanse your back gently with neem soap to get rid of acne.

Body Scrub – Gently scrub your back while bathing using a mild body scrub. Don’t be harsh while scrubbing as this might leads to plucking of pimples which is very dangerous. One mistake can leads to acne breakout. That’s why use a mild body scrub and twice a week usage is enough.

Say no to body oil – If you have acne on back don’t use any kind of body oil. Coconut oil howsoever mild it is on the acne affected area. Instead you can opt for mild herbal body lotion to nourish skin.
You can use these skincare tips pertaining to acne all over your body except your face.

Pack – This is a special pack that is suitable for acne affected skin. You can use this face pack all over your body except face.

For this face pack you need one spoon full green tea, half lemon, aloe vera gel and multani mitti or fuller earth’s.

Add spoonful of green tea to 50ml water and boil it till the time it is not one fourth. Keep this solution aside to cool it down.

Take grinded fuller earth. Squeeze in half a lemon and add spoonful of aloe vera gel. Then to form a paste adds green tea solution. Your paste is ready. Apply it on back and leave it for ten minutes, then wash it away.

Apply this paste twice a week. If you wish to get rid of acne in one week than apply this pack continuously for seven days.

Clothes Hygiene – Everyday wear washed clothes. Make sure that you are not repeating previous day clothes. Wash your clothes in an antiseptic like Dettol, Savlon and dry them in sun.

No scratching – I know that acne itches a lot. But do not scratch at all. You have to control your urge by shifting your attention to something else. Scratching makes acne worst.

These skincare tips or home remedies for acne treatment are apt for all the genders. These skincare tips are suitable for whole body except face.

I hope that this writeup was helpful.

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