Super Sonic Pest Repellent Review

Cockroaches, rats, lizards’ can give me nightmare. I can’t even enter the room that has a lizard crawling the walls. You have to see me jumping from one corner to another with fear whenever I across these creatures. I tried using pest sprays, pest killers and various other options to keep them away. What I hated about these things was the bad fumes that can affect our lungs as well. When I came across ads of Super Sonic Pest Repellent I was like what is this and I wish to try this out for myself and my readers. So today I am going to share my experience with Super Sonic Pest Repellent.

About The BrandSuper Sonic Pest Repellent is manufactured and marketed by MNR Marketing LLP and this product is Made In India, a swadeshi product. I always have soft corner for products that are manufactured in India. But my reviews are never biased given any criteria.  

Packaging – Super Sonic Pest Repellent device is packed in simple and informative cardboard box. Box is neatly packed and reaches you safely packed. All necessary information related to the product is mentioned on all sides of the box.

Brand Claims – Does not kill, drives pest out. There are no harmful chemicals used and the ultrasonic sound is out of hearing range of humans and pets  

Super Sonic Pest Repellent Review

You have to be really patient with this device like may be three weeks and you have to keep this device on for 24x7 to get visible results. I tested this device in the room where lizard used to roam at night to eat cockroaches. Within a week I saw the difference and there was no lizard in the night. I kept it on for three weeks and till that that time no sightings of lizard or even cockroaches happened. Then I switched off this device and checked for next three days and still no sighting of lizard. I was so happy with the results. No foul smell, chemicals or anything. The sound technology hits the nervous system of pests and forces them to leave the place. So it doesn’t kill jut drives them out. You have to know few things while using Super Sonic device. It is mandatory to keep it on continuously to see visible results and don’t worry about the consumption of electricity units which is negligible. There are two lights red and green. Red stays on ensuring the supply of electricity and green keeps switches on at regular intervals to ensure that device is working properly. There should be one device per room. With proper usage you will definitely get best results. You can also deploy the unit to each room on rotation of three weeks. Super Sonic Pest Repellent device is priced at Rs. 1,499 and this is a one-time investment and you will reap benefits for longest possible time. No post usage clean-up is required.

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R&W Review – 4/5

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