Why Not Yellow?


I never ever owned even a single thing in my wardrobe that was yellow in colour. Somehow I always believed that yellow color was not for me. I used to feel that since I am not that fair so it won’t suit me (low confidence *whistles*) and blah blah. Over period of time I realized that I was never so experimental and those who experiments a lot are a fan of yellow color ( I don’t want to drag this long) Cutting it out. My writing, blogging has changed me a lot as a person and I feel more beautiful, confident and positive now.

Never ever in my life I have thought that I will be sharing any fashion stories with you. I am the least fashionable girl on whole planet but I am improving because I want to improve. This is something I have started enjoying. May be some will like and some don’t. I am here for those who like what I do.

This is the first breezy summer look that I have created. I hope you will like it and you can also try something like this


Top - Latin Quarters

Jeans – Fame Forever

Shades – Ray Ban

Earrings – Globus

Watch – Fossil

Wedges – Kin

Makeup – Maybelline

I hope that you will like this new extension of my blog.

Stick to R&W 
Megha Gupta


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