Bespocut – International Clothing Brand Launched In India

Customized clothing experience is something what Bespocut Bespoke Experience is all about. The esteemed brand Bespocut uses B2B online technology enabled platform to give a cutting edge solution to its clients. The esteemed brand was launched in India this weekend at Ashoka Hotel. The launch was attended by company CEO Mr. Pradeep Kumar, chairman Mr Ashok Garg

Bespocut – International Clothing Brand Launched In India

Bespocut with its launch aims to reach partners in top 30 cities in India in their first year and has plans to grow to 500+ partners in next two years. 

Bespocut – International Clothing Brand Launched In India

Their business model is really interesting and new to India. Bespocut has brought together art and technology by using cloud based application. The tailors and designers who would become part of Bespocut will be provided with Virtual Studio kit along with training on how to enrol their client. Now the tailor/designer would visit their client and show virtually his designs, work. Unlike traditional tailors Bespoocut partners don’t need to store clothes. This way they will be able to save on storage expenses, salaries of employees and even dead stock. Once their client selects the designer or tailor can place order for the fabric. The fabric is it worldwide will be delivered to them in time so that they can further process the order timely. Interesting right? It is basically luxary standard at standard prices. 

The clients, designers, tailors will have access to worldwide fabrics, designs, brands, accessories which they otherwise don’t have. A customized tailoring experience is what they are aiming at. 

You can check their website to know more about Bespocut. 

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