My Envy Box July 2017 Review

Every month I eagerly wait for My Envy Box to arrive at my doorstep. I feel so excited whenever the courier guy handover me My Envy Box. No matter what I am doing, I will leave that work and unbox My Envy Box. Its July month and I expected the box colour to be green and yes here it is. My Envy Box July 2017 box is leafy green in colour and represents the colour of monsoon, greenery, freshness. Keep reading to know what all I received in this month’s box.

My Envy Box July 2017 Review

I really appreciate My Envy Box team for being so creative to roll over beautiful boxes one after the other. I would like to sneak into their office meetings where they discuss about box designs (haha).

My Envy Box July 2017 Review

This month box has three full size products and three sample size. Let’s go over one by one

My Envy Box July 2017 Review

The first product is Coccoon Eternal Youth serum. This 30gm serum is priced at Rs. 599. I have to try this serum to let you know more about it.

Second product is Vert – Solid Perfume. I expected this perfume to be in a big jar (may be the photos illusion) but this is just a 10gm jar which comes at a whopping price of Rs. 1300. Vert Solid Perfume looks like a lip balm, but it is a perfume that can be used on pulse points. I have yet to try this product will let you know in my review. Stay tuned

My Envy Box July 2017 Review

Another full size product is Myoho Green Clay Mask. I have already used Myoho masks before and happy to get this back. 40gm mask is priced at Rs. 380

Other three are sample size products. I am personally not fan of sample size products as one or two time usage is not sufficient to determine how good or not so good it is. One is Iraa insta shield cream, anatomicals body lotion and citrus body scrub. 

I am not quite satisfied with this month’s box. This month box could have been much better. The box 
even though have six products but felt empty somehow I don’t know why.

R&W Rating – 3/5

Let me know which one was your favourite product in this box?

Stick to R&W

Megha Gupta 


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