Nepotism – Karan Johar, Kangana Ranaut And Me

Every time I watch “Koffee With Karan” my takeaway are some “quintessential words” (no kidding). The most quintessential word of 2017 is “Nepotism” which is taught by Kangana who is often defamed for bad English (more on this later)

Nepotism – Karan Johar, Kangana Ranaut And Me

I would like to restate what happened for them those who are still unaware of how this nepotism debate started. Kangana was invited on “Koffee With Karan” and she called Karan Johar as “Flag Bearer Of Nepotism”. I don’t know why Karan Johar felt so bad. World knows that he favours film families, their kids like anything and he did answered her back on the very same episode. So this topic should have ended then and there but hey Karan took it to just another level.

Now let’s discuss what is Nepotism? Honestly I had never heard of this word before. Nepotism refers to like any one in power (Karan holds a prominent place in film industry) who favours friends, family, relatives by offering them jobs (he has launched Alia, Varun, Ayan Mukherjee and will be launching Jhanvi Kapoor soon). His behaviour with filmy folk’s vs non filmy is evident by the way he treats them, he speaks to them. So when this episode was aired a controversy was triggered and everyone was discussing this new word. Then recently Karan along with Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan at IIFA took a dig at Kangana’s nepotism which was well …(keep on reading)

I will be honest with you and share what I felt about this whole thing. Generally I don’t ever care about such shit but this is well (let’s say it)

Film industry attracts every other person in India, well why not? You can mint much more money than any other job, live a luxurious life, name, fame, freebies and what not. Well if a common man can dream of joining this industry than people who are already part of it why they would not want their kids to stay here? Why people felt bad for nepotism in film industry?

Let’s suppose a man is running a successful cloth shop will he not pass that business/shop to his son or even daughter? So if someone had been a film star in his/her time, they have experienced that kind of life and they know what their kids are getting into. Nepotism exists everywhere. The only difference is that not every person wishes to run a cloth shop but there are many who aspires to be an actor. I will ask Kangana after 20-30 years when your kids will grow won’t you support them if they wish to work in films? Will she support my kids or any other person’s in the name of nepotism? No mam you will not. At that time someone else will be questioning Kangana on Nepotism. Till this point it was fine that she kept her point of view (which was valid) and Karan defended her in his own away. But our dear Karan Johar who acts like a propagator of class & sophistication along with his gentlemen friends Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan retailiated Kangana in IIFA.

On witnessing this shit I can conclude only one thing about Karan that this guy just cannot accept the fact that someone told him truth on his face. He just can’t move on from Nepotism debate. Accented English, branded clothes, Armani, Gucci, Versace doesn’t make you classy or sophisticated. A man is a true gentleman only because of his behaviour. I have a request to all those who are reading this writeup please leave this sick thinking behind that these page3 people have imposed on our Indian society. Brands doesn't define your personality. They just make your appearance look good, don't make you a better person.

I would like to share something from my childhood. In school there was this guy in my class who was a bully. Without thinking he would spit anything. Just to keep him happy no one used to answer him back. But I wasn’t the ones who would take shit and I answered him back straight. He was miffed because I had spoken against him. Thereafter he used to gather his four-five friends and make fun of me in front of whole class and even school. I felt that Karan and his gang did exactly similar thing to Kangana. I can’t differentiate between these so called epitomes of classy India and those jokers from my school. These guys have stooped to much lower levels and I don’t know if I will be able to like Karan the way I used to.

This controversy will be over soon like many other and you might even see Kangana doing a Karan Johar film in few years but I still wanted to share my thoughts. Please let me know what you think of this useless drama? 

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