Vega Spectra Combs Review

Take a look at your vanity table and figure out the dullest looking thing over there. What you find on yours? Well for me it was my hair comb. It is surprising that when we are ready to shell out money on best products for our skin and hair why we tend to ignore hair combs at times? The moment I realize I gave my hair and vanity some comb treat from Vega Spectra Range combs.

Packaging – The Vega Spectra comb is packed in a clear plastic flap that has all detailing about the comb. I really liked the way it was packed. You can refer photo.

Vega Spectra Combs Review

Vega Spectra combs come in 12 different models and 4 different vibrant colors. All models look very stylish, trendy and lit up your mood instantly. Vega spectra comb are dual colored which looks good but in my opinion it would look best if the shiny color like blue, pink, green were on both the sides because the black colour has been used as second color for the entire range. In fact my comb holder looks happy with a new member in family (hehe). Vega spectra combs are handcrafted. The comb is easy to hold and doesn’t slip from hands (even oily). The comb texture is shiny and smooth. It detangles my hair without any hair damage and feels gentle on scalp. Vega claims that their spectra combs are ideal for sensitive skin and is effective in minimizing hair fall. I will say their comb can minimize hair fall till the extent of good comb usage. Comb feels sturdy and it is definitely life long investment. At times many of us refrain from buying a good comb because we feel all are just the same and will do job equally but that is not the case really. An investment in good quality comb is a must to maintain hair quality and keep them damage free. Vega spectra combs come in a range from Rs. 199 to Rs. 250. I know you can find even Rs. 10 comb in any local market. But try that comb on one side of hair and Vega on another you will surely feel the difference. Overall I am really happy with Vega Spectra combs. Click here to buy online 

  • Vibrant colour combs
  • Stylish and trendy models
  • Non slippery surface
  • Shiny and smooth surface
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Detangles hair without damaging
  • Sturdy
  • One time investment
  • Easily available in stores 
  • Black color as second color
R&W Rating – 4/5

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