Everything5Pounds Website Review And Shopping Experience

I have this strange liking for stores like store 99, dollar store in short anything which is a fixed price store and that fixed priced is a nominal amount. But these stores don’t sell clothes or accessories, so when one day while browsing internet I discovered a website Everything5Pounds I literally jumped out of joy. On this website everything and anything is sold at only 5Pounds. I was so jealous of UK people at this point and only felt normal when I discovered that they ship to India.

Everything5Pounds Website Review And Shopping Experience

Everything5Pounds is based in UK but ships to lot of countries in the world. The website has vast collection of dresses, jeans, tops, skirts, lingerie, bags, shoes, belts and what not. Every single piece is for only 5pounds. I never ever came across such deal in India. Here all the clothes are really expensive. You can use code MEGHA5 to get further discount.

Everything5Pounds Website Review And Shopping Experience

I know you might have few doubts about shopping from Everything5Pounds whether clothes sold are new or not, quality of the clothes, designs, options, size etc. All the clothes that are sold are brand new and the quality is really good. I am saying this from my personal shopping experience. The website is really good to shop and loads easily on system as well as phone. Once you place the order it is shipped immediately and it depends on your nation’s customs how long the package will take to reach you. In my case package was with customs for two weeks.

But Everything5Pounds share a tracking code that makes it convenient to track your package. In fact when my package was lying with customs I was able to track it using Indian post website. When clothes finally reached me I was amazed at the fact that the whole package was neatly packed back by Indian customs team. When I saw my dress first I was like wow this is exactly what I saw on the website. Cloth quality, color, length and even fitting were perfect. The only challenge I faced while ordering from the website was size because I didn’t had much knowledge about UK size conversion to Indian size. But I with the help of google, everything5pounds and my own research I finally zeroed down on the perfect size for myself. Before shopping from Everything5Pounds I had this doubt that my body type is average and I am not tall either so whether I will be able to get something good for myself. My first order busted all the misconceptions I had before. From waist the dress was bit loose so I paid only Rs. 50 to my tailor and get in altered in one hour and that’s it, my dress was ready.

I have received so many compliments for this dress that how well it compliments me. I wore it to a party and even to work (yeah I use my clothes wisely)

Even if I try to look for something not good about the website I just cannot think of any. I am absolutely in love with Everything5Pounds. They sometimes have a sale where dresses are sold for 2.50 pounds (half the price) and you can use code MEGHA5 to get an additional discount. Anyone who is reading this post if the brand delivers to your country than you can use discount code MEGHA5. Trust me you are going to love your shopping more if you will shop from Everything5Pounds.

R&W Rating – 5/5

I would love to know about your experience if you have shopped from Everything5Pounds before or are planning to shop.

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Megha Gupta 

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