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I still remember that in one of my business studies class we had this discussion on how offices should be like. I suggested what if office is like a café or café can be used an office. Everything came back to me like a flashback when I visited myHQ. The startup based in Delhi-NCR has come up with an amazing concept which lot people use to think about but had never really done anything about it.

I will explain in detail what myHQ is all about and how can you be part of community if you wish to. myHQ has collaborated with various renowned café in Gurgaon, central Delhi, south Delhi like Turquoise café, roots café, Mother India and many other (you can refer myHQ website for all the locations). These café have reserved some space for myHQ community members so that the members can go there, choose a spot and can use that spot as their workplace. The members have various plans to choose from one visit plan to twenty two visit plan. One visit plan costs only Rs. 299 and out of which Rs. 200 are Food & Beverage credits that you can use at the café you are visiting.

You must be thinking I am already using a café near to my house so what’s the difference? Well the difference is huge. First of all the locations and café they have chosen are worth visiting. These are the café where you wish to pay and visit. Secondly no one will come and ask you for your next order. Like it gets awkward at times if you are working at a café and waiter come and ask over and over for your next order which in silently means they want you to leave. Now you are thinking how about internet, stationery? You don’t have to worry whichever café you will go you will get free wifi, notepads, pens, pencils, charging points anything you wish to. There is absolutely no point in saying no to myHQ. For twenty two visits you have to pay Rs. 4,999 out of which Rs. 4,500 are usable on F&B. Trust me you wont be able to find even a small office for this much amount even in the dingiest locations. And here they are giving you best location, best places to work.

Mother India, CP
This type of setup is boon for freelancers, writers, consultants or even anyone who have opted for work from home. Once in a while you can be bored of working from home so you can actually go to the café and work. That will be a refreshing change. I chose to work at Mother India in CP and I had the most productive day along with some delicacies. 

R&W Rating - 5/5 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my experience, the best part will be if you can go and try on your own. Select the café that you think you would like to work from, book your visit and be creative. Stay tuned for more write-ups on one of the best Beauty, Fashion And lifestyle blog in Delhi

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Megha Gupta 

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  1. I love the decor of the place. Looks fun and beautiful.