Five Unknown Facts About Gauri Khan

If you ask me I am more curious about Gauri Khan as compared to Shah Rukh Khan. Why shouldn’t I? Her new store Gauri designs has become talk of the country, her newly designed restaurant Arth has received much publicity which I am sure wouldn’t have got if it was designed by any other designer (even the ones more talented than her). She is the wife of superstar Shah Rukh Khan, his support system and what not. You have to agree that no other star wive has received that stature what she has. Today in this post I will share five unknown facts about Gauri Khan which I am sure many of you wouldn’t have been aware of.

Five Unknown Facts About Gauri Khan

Fact No 1 – Many don’t know but Gauri Khan used to host a hindi countdown show called Oye for MTV back in 90’s. Her show was quite popular and she was offered to act in few hindi films but she turned down all. It looks like she took the wisest decision.

Five Unknown Facts About Gauri Khan

Fact No 2 – Gauri had never been a traditional Indian wife. From the very beginning she used to dress up in mini skirts, dresses. She had always been glamorous and stylish. In 90’s industry people used to gossip behind her back for not behaving like other star’s wives who used to be fully covered like traditional Indian wives. She never refrained from making her point whenever required. In my opinion this is one of the reasons why SRK-Gauri marriage never fell apart.

Fact No 3 – Gauri’s father was a retired colonel and had owned a garment business in Delhi. In short she was financially well as compared to Shah Rukh Khan. She must have been head over heels in love with Shah Rukh that’s why she said yes to a guy who was not even from her religion, not financially secured and that too he was trying his luck in an unpredictable industry.

Fact No 4 – Gauri Khan met Shah Rukh when she was just 14. If she was the first girl in Shah Rukh’s life, so was he the very first in her life too. She used to bunk her school to be with Shah Rukh.

Fact No 5 – She is very much fond of dancing. Infact in her first meeting with Shah Rukh she was his dancing partner. After marriage when she came to Mumbai, she enrolled herself in Shiamak Davar dancing school to enhance her skills. Don’t believe me? You can watch her holi dance video with Shahrukh which is doing rounds on social media these days.

I hope that you enjoyed reading these facts and let me know if you know any other than these because I am sure there will be many.

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