Food: There’s a lot more to it than eating

We all love food; when we are sad, we eat; when are happy, we eat; when we are hungry, then obviously, we eat!

Food: There’s a lot more to it than eating

Eating and craving to taste the various delicacies of the world, really keeps us going. But don’t you think that we have limited ourselves? We only eat what we love, like for some people, pizza is the best, which pizza? The one that Dominos offers or the one that Pizza Hut offers? Some will say Dominos, some will say Pizza Hut and then there will be others who will take a different name altogether. But, on a personal level, I think that there are no favourites. There are only phases. This is a phase of Pizza. You will consume it all you want but at a certain point in time, you will be like: “No! no more pizza.” Then you will move on to something else, but it will take you months to return to the one you once loved: Pizza. My point here is, why should we not just savour the food we love, as slowly as possible, let our taste buds unfurl to treasure the bitter and the sweet flavour of the food we eat. Let’s understand it this way: stop yourselves from eating pizza, control your hunger for it; a month will pass and then another month but do not eat it until anything else you consume stops that rumble in your stomach. Eat pizza when you are hungry only for pizza and it doesn't matter what you consume, there is nothing else, apart from pizza, that stops that hunger. If you do this, trust me, the next time you will take the first bite of your favourite pizza, you will try to treasure that flavour forever and it will not only fill your stomach but also your heart. This feeling is amazing. 

Now, let’s say, you love the pizzas that Pizza Hut offers and you use all the Pizza Hut coupons to save every single buck which you will later spend on another pizza. You love Pizza Hut’s pizza so much that you do not even take notice of the pizza’s that Dominos offers, no matter how much money you could save using Dominos coupons but still you do not buy pizzas from Dominos. In simple words, you are crazy about Pizza Hut. Now, stop buying from pizza hut; on the contrary, go to Dominos or any other store. Opt for those stores which sell pizza, in your locality. The most simple way to track these stores is through Swiggy. Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery app/website which offers you the access to the menus of famous restaurants in your locality. Swiggy offers free delivery and Swiggy coupons which come in handy in getting necessary discounts. So, use Swiggy to track the best pizza bakers and taste their recipe. Explore in that field, explore your favourite food. Do not just stick to one brand or one store. Do not limit your taste; instead, keep changing it, keep discovering a new flavour and then you will have a new favourite but you will still admire the taste of Pizza Hut. Do you see? understand? this is how you will be able to treasure, forever, what already was special to you.

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Megha Gupta 


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