Miss Teen Sushmita Singh Take On Fashion, Latest Fashion Trends, Bollywood

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I am sure you have enjoyed last interview with Sushmita Singh. She is really sweet and charming girl. Today here is another round for you which will give you more insight about her and you will get to know more about her. 

Miss Teen Sushmita Singh Take On Fashion, Latest Fashion Trends, Bollywood

What comes to your mind when you think about Fashion?

Fashion for me is all about looking elegant and feeling comfortable. You won’t believe I was a Tom Boy before but even then also I would carry something that will look elegant rather than just funky. For me simplicity also denotes real fashion. 

You are two pageants winner and are looking forward to participate in another in Las Vegas. How important it is for you to stay updated with latest trends?

It is really important for me to do so definitely because of the profession I am in. But also personally I love staying updated with latest fashion trends around the world. 

How does your wardrobe look like?

Miss Teen Sushmita Singh Take On Fashion, Latest Fashion Trends, Bollywood

I love shopping and I am one such person who is fond of clothes like anything. My wardrobe is mix of Indian and western clothes but yes you will find more of western clothes in my wardrobe. And you'll find all kinds of western dresses in my wardrobe. 

What are the top five things that are must in your wardrobe?

Some good pants, crop tops for sure. I also keep good collection of plain tees as they make good match with pants. A good pair of heels and shoes is a must for me. 

Have you experienced any kind of change in your preferences (clothing, accessories) before and after winning the beauty pageants?

I have always been into fashion before as well so I didn’t felt much of a difference. But yes my exposure to beauty pageants have definitely given me a new outlook and I have got lot more outfit ideas now. 

If you are allowed to take only one pair of clothes on a deserted island what would that be?

I would like to carry a sleeveless crop top with some good hot pants.

For fashion trends that do you look up to more often, Bollywood or Hollywood? 

Definitely its bollywood for me. Ever since as a kid bollywood has always inspired me because of its amazing Indian, Indo-Western outfits. I think that India is one of the most stylish countries cause only western clothing sometimes becomes boring. 

What are some of your favorite brands and places to shop?

H&M has really superb collections and even Forever21 is my favourite.

Are you a shoe hoarder or bag hoarder? 

I am really a big time shoe hoarder. I am obsessed with matching my shoes to what I am wearing that day. According to me shoes defines your personality. I keep all my shoes with so much of love and care, haha. I can’t stand the sight of dirty shoes. 

Please some fashion tips for our readers. 

I am even a lipstick fan and I hold really good collections of those. I feel that some good shade of lipstick along with a great outfit will make you look sassier.

I hope that you have enjoyed Sushmita's latest interview. R&W will be back soon with another interesting round. 

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