The Main Reasons Why People Stay Friends With Their Exes

Any relationship can end in two ways: marriage and breakup. In the first case, everything is clear. And what about the second one? Quite often, couples try to remain friends, but this is an unfulfilled promise in 95 percent of cases and such a relationship doesn’t end up in friendship. So, why do exes want to stay friends? There many different reasons for this: it is convenient, there is jealousy, you have many common things and memories, and so on. But vava dating will tell you with certainty only that you don’t need to communicate with your ex at all (we don’t mean a wife with whom you have common children). Why?

The Main Reasons Why People Stay Friends With Their Exes

You saw each other naked

You think that this is a completely meaningless reason, you never know who saw you naked! And how many of these people have had sex with you? It is extremely difficult to regain a normal relationship with a person you saw naked. It was already a different level of relations. And friendship and friendly relations are completely different things. You know how she smells and most importantly how she behaves in sex. And can you easily forget this? The more sensitive you are, the less chance of “staying friends” you have.

You can’t trust each other

You need trust for being friends. At least a little. And you can’t even tell your ex-girlfriend about what is happening right now. After all, you may have a new girlfriend, every mention of which will make your ex suffer. And it’s disgusting, don’t you think so?

One of you will always have resentment or reproach

No, there is no breakup without bitterness and mutual reproaches. After all, why did you break up? Oh, did you sick of it? So, the reason for the reproach is simple – you were unbearably boring together, didn’t pay attention to each other, etc.


Even if you both have found a new love of your life, it’s a shame that the old one found someone better than you. She doesn’t belong to you anymore. We may not realize this with the mind, but it will press on us on a subconscious level. You can’t calmly watch how our exes find their new loves. It is unpleasant. Also, there is following nonsense: people, who stay friends with their exes, sincerely don’t want they find new love. You want your relationship to be something special and a girl says some time later: “I had true love only with you. I will not love anyone else.” But this rarely happens. Most often people find new love and build even stronger relationships. And more than once. And if the personal insult comes into the matter, no matter how you pretend a tolerant man and how you deny it, you sincerely don’t want her personal happiness. Only narcissists want to stay friends with exes.

There may remain passion between you

It is so if, of course, its absence didn’t cause that breakup. There used to be some kind of chemistry between you, right? You excited each other, so why not repeat it in another break-up sex? Oh, yes, break-up sex... I don’t recommend you do this. You don’t want to feel all the bitterness of a breakup again, right?

Constant reminder

Exes prevent to go further. They stop you and return to the mistakes of the past. The easiest way to remain friends is to forgive each other. And the best way to forgive is to forget. The constant presence of an ex in your contacts prevents you from moving on, getting to know new people and getting something new. Maybe you forgave and forgot everything, but the reason for a breakup remained. Do you remember it? Be smart. Don’t build pipe dream because there are jealousy, bitterness, guilt, and feelings along with all these pleasant memories.

I hope this was helpful.

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