Food Hacks For Foodies Who Love Eating Out

“The only thing I like better than talking about food is eating”-John Walters

Yes, John Walters understood how I feel. It is true, food has been one of my biggest weaknesses and, to be honest, I think that I have tasted every sort of food there is. 

Food Hacks For Foodies Who Love Eating Out

I am not like those people who go to a restaurant, deli or some fast food joint and order the regular things to eat such as Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhni, and all. I distinguish myself as the person who likes to go through a menu and eat that sort of food which he has never even tasted before. Although sometimes this braveness of mine has resulted in some sort of torture, I guess; but, the other times I was undoubtedly in love with the food I had ordered.

Food Hack One: The Game Of Pride

We have all been stuck in situations when we had to go to an unfamiliar restaurant, and it becomes a bit skeptical for us to decide if we should order the regular food -You know, the same butter roti, Shahi Paneer and sometimes Chhole loop- or try something new. This dilemma is because we feel scared we might waste the limited money we have and end up washing dishes with an empty stomach.

To those people, who have ever been stuck in this situation, I have a solution. Just ask the waiter to get a dish which the restaurant is proud of. Doing so, not only do the chances of you not liking the food becomes bleak but the chef also takes it on his/her pride and works hard in preparing the dish so that you will not be disappointed. To tell you the truth, I have been trying this food hack for a while now and there have rarely been any moments where it disappointed me. 

Food Hack Two: The Feedback

I have followed this course in food joints like Dominos and Pizza Hut too. Before moving forward, I would like to say that I am a person who loves pizza over any other food in the market except maa ke haath ka khaana. So, I regularly visit Dominos and Pizza Hut, both seem to be equally well in terms of the taste but the Pizza Hut’s pan base is better than Dominos’ and Dominos’ loaded pizza are better than Pizza Hut’s. I also give both of these big banners regular feedback. 

Now, feedback is important too -consider this one of the hacks if you wish to. Many people give feedback when they do not like the food and there’s rarely anyone who gives a feedback when they like the food. I am one of those rarities. I have given feedbacks when the food is bad and even when it is good. So, I give regular feedbacks of the meals I consume at Dominos and Pizza Hut and guess what? They have begun to recognize me and now, they provide me with surprises such as, they give me free access to certain Dominos offers and Pizza Hut offers including the Dominos coupons and Pizza Hut coupons on a weekly basis. 

Pizza Hut Coupons & Dominos Coupons

These Pizza Hut coupons and Dominos coupons allow me to purchase pizzas at their outlets at lower prices. There have also been moments when I paid only for a single pizza but was provided with two -this feeling is just amazing. 

Food Hack Three: Never Get “Bored”

There’s a lot to explore in the world of food. We need to start tasting new flavors, the longer we fixate on one sort of flavor the sooner we will begin to get bored of it -that’s why I consume pizza once a month or once in every two months now, I do not want to get bored of the magical flavor of it. Consider it as yet another hack. Good luck.

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Megha Gupta 


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