OMRON Smart Elite HEM 7600T Product Review

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There is often one yet the most important thing we tend to ignore easily which is health. We won’t miss parties but regular health check-up seems like a much irritating task. Because of the kind of lifestyle we have now a day’s stress has arrived as unwanted guest. A stress lead to hypertension, blood pressure problems and honestly it is painful to step out every time for regular blood pressure checkup when you can do it conveniently at home with new Omron Smart Elite HEM 7600T. 

OMRON Smart Elite HEM 7600T Product Review

One of the major challenges that users had faced in past with blood pressure machines was placing the cuff right on arm to determine correct blood pressure. Omron Smart Elite HEM 7600T has newly invented Intelli Wrap Cuff that snaps on the arms easily and delivers accurate readings 360 degrees all around. Also Omron Smart Elite HEM 7600T is tubeless and has intellisense technology that makes for fast, accurate and comfortable readings. In addition to detecting if you have an irregular heartbeat, the Intelli Wrap Cuff also detects movement that might interfere with readings. This is simple for usage even for those who are not tech-savvy. The Smart Elite HEM-7600T connects easily and features a simple one-touch measurement. 

OMRON Smart Elite HEM 7600T Product Review

Omron connect app is again a great feature. The Smart Elite HEM-7600T is compatible with the OMRON connect App which makes it easy to record, view and manage health data on your IOS or Android phones. The Omron connect App utilises the latest Bluetooth Smart technology for stable connections and low power consumption. It is very easy to use. You just have to download the app and follow the easy set-up instructions to connect your smartphone to your Smart Elite HEM-7600T. Thereafter, measurements taken on the Smart Elite HEM-7600T are automatically sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you, your care taker and doctor to monitor your heart health progress via the Omron Connect App even while you are away on vacation. With Omron Connect app you can also connect your old Omron Blood pressure monitors. You just have to take screenshot of blood pressure on your old machine and then scan it on the app. By using QR code technology the app will recognize the reading and record it. The OMRON connect App gives you access to your vital health data when and where you want on your smartphone. The app also gives you the option to turn your measurement data into easy-to- understand graphs that allow you to follow your progress and see your vital health trends at a glance while keeping your data secure and private. 

Ergonomic design of the new Smart Elite HEM-7600T allows for easy storage in any home or office environment. This is definitely one time investment because all Omron blood pressure monitors come with an extended, five year warranty. 

In 2016, the sleek, compact design of the Smart Elite HEM 7600-T won the Good Design Award, organised by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion, a public interest incorporated foundation. Over 44,000 designs have been recognised by the award over 60 years since its inception. Recipients of the Good Design Award are granted the use of the G mark symbol which was founded in 1957 by Japan’s then Ministry of International Trade and Industry, currently the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. 

The new machine is priced at Rs. 10,980 and is currently available at discount here

This machine is a nice gift for your family, your parents, and relatives or even for yourself. It’s high time that we should invest in our health.

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