Everteen Period Subscription Box Review

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I have always hated this when lot of girls use to make a big deal about periods. One shouldn't feel scared of periods. This is as normal procedure as to go to bathroom. Since periods are limited to those five days of the month than why not make them special. Okay lets not make period's special but you can use them as an excuse to pamper yourself. Like I did by going for Everteen Period Box. Not only that makes me happy but also overcomes the misery of forgetting to buy pad every month. 

Everteen Period Subscription Box Review

Everteen gives you an option to customize period box as per your requirements. They have variety of products to choose from sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups along with feminine hygiene prodcuts like Everteen Bikini Line Hair Removal Creme, Everteen Intimate wash. 

Everteen Period Subscription Box Review

Subscribing to the box is relaly simple. Create your subscription account on the everteen website. Choose your type of products you want in your box and then customize your monthly supply. After that choose your plan as quarterly, half yearly or annual, fill your basic menstrual period details like your last period date, period cycle, your next due date and thats it you are done here. Everymonth the esteemed brand will deliver the box at your doorstep so that you no longer have to spend time or worry about sanitary essentials. 

Click here to check more details about the Everteen period subscription box and if you like it do not hesitate to subscribe. All Everteen products are high quality personal hygiene products and I regularly use these so I can guarantee you about them. 

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