How Renting is the Green Way of Living

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A few years back when I planned on relocating from Hyderabad to Gurgaon, the biggest challenge in front of me was setting up my apartment. Also, my plan was to stay in Gurgaon max for one year before heading out to Noida. Since I couldn't find great rental options, so I had to actually buy and while transporting those to Noida I had to bear huge costs. I am referring to a few years back and the only rental options available were from local dealers who would make sure to supply the worst lot of products on rent. When I came to know about RentoMojo, the first thing to strike to my mind was if I had this option before my life would have been much better.

How Renting is the Green Way of Living

By renting not only will you be saving your hard-earned money but also contributing towards the green way of living. Every time instead of buying new appliances or furniture, if you go for renting options then you are saving one appliance from going to e-waste. By recycling furniture you will prevent cutting down few trees. And I completely believe and endorse a green lifestyle. When you are getting an appliance or furniture for rent, it is a new piece for you. This is a great option for someone who loves redoing their house pretty often. 

How Renting is the Green Way of Living

Consider this one scenario, suppose you are in need of some extra storage space for next few months may be due to ongoing construction in-house or marriage. But you know after few months you wouldn't be in need of that extra space. So investing in a new wardrobe is a waste of money and resources. In such a case, a wiser decision would be to rent out furniture from RentoMojo. A little contribution from each one of us towards green living can bring a significant change.

RentoMojo is offering its services to all the major metro cities across India. You can rent out appliances, furniture, and even bikes. I was definitely interested in appliances and furniture. Since summers are here the most needed appliances are definitely Air Conditioners and Refrigerators. They have a wide range of products that you can choose from. In my opinion, you have to check out their furniture section to see what kinds of furniture you can take on rent, as it has some great collection. 

With a minimal rental amount, you will get your maintenance and delivery charges covered. In my opinion, RentoMojo option is awesome for bachelors and families who are not to stay in a particular city for a very long time. There are people who keep on switching cities due to work; for them, an option like RentoMojo is a blessing. Every time you are in a different city book your furniture, appliances via RentoMojo and when you are to leave the city, you can transfer your membership to a different city. You don't have to bear the extra transportation cost and can be tension-free of any wear and tear during travel. 

Another interesting option is a package option it offers is the comprehensive packages based on your room-wise need – kitchen, bedroom, dining room, etc. I think this is a steal deal and must try if you are planning on moving out. 

In India bachelors often end up living with minimal means because a lot of them don't want to buy new furniture or appliances as many times they are unsure of their stay in the city. In all such cases, RentoMojo is a big problem solver. One, you don't have to spend a lot of money at once, and second, you can live a good life with all the means. 

I am completely sold out to RentoMojo and I have added to my list of goals to tell as many people about it so that I can help them in saving their money and our planet. 

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