That Special Luck - It Happens When You Believe Review

All is life Suresh had believed that he was intended to meet that special luck one day. And when today that day has arrived he is not sure whether he should be happy or not. Because this is someting he never expected even in his wildest dreams.  

Life changing moment or chance in a good way can be referred to as Special Luck moment. You must have been hearing stories about poeple all your life that how their lives changed overnight for better. The series "That Special Luck" will bring you the most extra-ordinary stories from the most ordinary lives about how these people landed upon that one golden chance because of their own actions. It happens to those who have faith in themselves and life even in the most excruciating circumstances. 

That Special Luck - It Happens When You Believe

This is what the new story "That Special Luck" is about. The story is told in layers and mystery unfolds when you are not expecting it at all. Not much has been revealed in description as this might kill the suspense. If you like mystery and thriller stories even a little you have to give this story a shot. You can read it from here and here


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