Miss World Diversity 2018 1st Princess Muskan Tolani Personal Interview

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As they say there isn't a definite age to pursue your dreams. When these days many girls wish to jump to modelling right away without even bothering to complete high school, there are some like Muskan Tolani who made a smashing entry in the modelling world after becoming mother of two. It was very difficult for me to arrange an interview with her because of her busy schedule. Finally wait is over and here is a glimpse of our tete a tere exclusively for readers of reviewandwriteup. 

Miss World Diversity 2018 1st Princess Muskan Tolani Personal Interview

Congratulations on winning the title " Ms World Diversity 2018 1st Princess". Tell us about your journey to the title? 

My journey started as a housewife. I entered into this field for my two daughters as every mom wants to see a big beautiful crown placed on her daughter's head. I went for the auditions along with them and I came to know that organizers were looking for contestants even for Mrs. Category so my elder daughter ( MISS PRE-TEEN WORLD DIVERSITY ) forced me to go for it. That's how we all three gave auditions and through God's sake we all were selected for the national level and then international and this is how my journey started which I am really proud of. 

What was the reaction of your family and friends? 

My family was very very happy and proud and my friends & social circle was shocked and surprised  at the same time as for them it was a revolution that a house wife turned into model, haha. I have to say that I really enjoyed it, haha. 

As a child what you dreamt of becoming ? And after securing the prestigious title what are you planning to do next? 

I dreamt of becoming a lawyer but my family was orthodox and I wasn't allowed to go out for further studies and the place where I lived there was no other source of education after graduation. I am a graduate and after winning the title I not only want to do acting and modelling but I am actually using my crown and title for social work and apperarence. My recent goal is to improve the life of the blind children. 

Muskan that's very noble cause you are supporting.

How did you parents reacted when you broke the news to them that you want to be a model?

I am from Doctor's family and as I told you before that they were pretty orthodox and very protective of me like most of the parents are. They used to believe that modelling is all about skin show, whereas in real modelling is much more than that. It's a perfect amalgamation of beauty and brains. Initially they were quite unhappy when I broke the news but now they are really happy and proud of their daughter. 

Modelling world has become a lot more competitive because of so many people wanting to try their luck. What is that in you that makes you stand out from the rest?

There is a common myth that girl with good looking face and figure is ready for modelling which is not true. Most important thing is right attitude and positive outlook towards life. When I participated lot of other contestants were really desperate for the title which I wasn't. I lived the journey and enjoyed every moment I guess that's why I wore the crown at the end. I wasn't the perfect one, I had my own share of drawbacks but that didn't stopped me from trying hard to make my family proud. 

There is a common belief among people that modelling is only for rich kids. What is that you have to say about it?

Yeah somewhat that's true you need money for auditions, costumes, sports wear, heels etc, because appearance matters a lot. The person who gets sponsored is the luckiest but most of doesn't get. But I would suggest don't stop only due to money as we have our own examples who have won against all odds. 

Models have to take care a lot about their diet. I have heard that you are into your own customized diets. Tell us about it stating like a diet plan for a given day. 

I am doing a dietician course and takes a lot of interest in nutrient and diet plans ever since. This was my father's dream for me to become a renowned dietician. 

Here is my diet for a day

Morning - 8 soak nuts and soak dry fruits empty stomach with any fat cutter

Mid day - Any fruit ( seasonal )

Lunch - Salad + sabji + roti + butter milk

Evening - Green tea + any diet snack

Dinner - Salad + soup + sabji / sprouts + roti

Before sleep - Warm water + green tea

Name three foods that you can't stay away from irrespective of your diet 

I have my own weaknesses like Ice Cream, kheer and donuts. It becomes really difficult for me sometimes to stay away from my favorite foods. 

How do you keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals? 

I never give up. I believe in an old saying that try and try and you will succeed. Winning is not important for me, participation & hardwork are more important. When I got injured, doctors told not to wear heels but during pageant competition I wore heels because I am a fighter.

Any piece of advice that you would like to share with a girl who is looking forward to participate in a beauty paegant?

Don't think much, just go for it. Never give up. Success is not much important, its the journey that matters as we have our fair share of lessons to learn from. Queens either wins or learn.

Finally I want to say very important thing is that I am here because of my husband who is very supportive and caring. I am blessed to have him in my life.  

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