Family Health Insurance Plans

Family always takes the first priority. Their comfort, their safety always comes first. When it comes to health we don’t hesitate to turn to the best doctors and hospitals. If that is the case, why do we hesitate to opt for their health insurance?

family health insurance plans

Do you know that 41% of the total Indian population constitutes middle-class families? Out of 41% how many are actually insured under health insurance? The numbers aren’t good. What is the reason for this gap? A lot of researchers believe that the mere tendency to overlook health troubles in India is the wrong notion that we will handle it when the actual problem arises. Aren’t we all like that? This isn’t a good scenario. I want to change that for myself and my family that’s why I have been looking into various family health insurance plans. After considering a few options I have decided to go for a family health plan. 

Before going any further it is very important to understand a few things. There are majorly two types of health insurance plans – a. Health insurance which covers the hospitalization costs subject to healthcare treatment b. Critical illness insurance which covers the insured person against any chronic diseases like stroke, heart disease, etc. 

There are numerous benefits that you and your family will get from the plan offers ‘cashless hospitalization’ in more than three thousand network hospitals, covers pre & post hospitalization expenses, all day procedures, maternity cover, etc. You can also avail tax benefits which eventually lead to savings. There are various family insurance plans where there are no restrictions on the maximum age limit. 

I know there are many of us who have regular jobs and are covered under health insurance through our organizations but our parents (and other family members) may not be covered under the plan. In such a case, one can opt for health insurance for senior citizen. Under these plans, you will get all the required benefits. Next time it’s your parent’s anniversary don’t buy them jewelry instead buy them the best insurance plan. 

These days, travelling is a new trend in India and breaking age trends. Many couples who are retired now go out in groups. I know you must be helping your parents plan their next trip, why not secure it with travel insurance? A good travel insurance plan not only covers medical expenses but also covers trip delay, check in baggage delay, lost baggage, etc. 

The million dollar question is how do you choose the best insurance plan? The best way is to research health insurance online on various portals, compare the best available plans by various insurance providers and opt for the one that suits your requirements. You must compare the insurance premiums, the benefits offered, all kinds of inclusions & exclusions and primarily the claim settlement policy before you sign up.

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