Netsurf Rang De Colored Makeup Products Review

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Can you define Indian culture in one world? I requested to allow me two words and my definition of Indian culture is colorful and exotic. 

Netsurf Rang De Colored Makeup Products Review

Color means 'rang'and that's how Netsurf one of the India's leading direct selling companies has come up with the name "Rang De" for their new makeup range. 

Netsurf  Colored Makeup Products Review

The brand has launched their new makeup range under three primarly categories face, lips and eyes. 

Netsurf new colored makeup range 'Rang De' is an innovative makeup range which is safe for the skin as this has been created by using natural ingredients. The shades are exotic and suit Indian skin color perfectly. 

Let's start with the packaging. Oh my god this is the most good looking packaging I have ever seen in cosmetics. Beautiful Indian tribal art forms like madhubani, tikuli, bhil and warli has been used on the covers of each of the palettes. The packaging is not only beautiful but is also durable. I love keeping them on my vanity table. 

Netsurf Makeup Products Review

Netsurf Rang De Lip Colour Palette Review - Netsurf lip color palette is priced at Rs. 1,899 and comes with ten amazing shades beryl, madhubani, rasa, lavi, heer, gehu, ela, rati, alisa, raaz. The shades are perfect for Indian skin tone. The palette comes with a brush and mirror attached to it because of that it becomes easy to use that. What I liked best about the palette is the right assortment of lip shades so that after buying this one palette I can save money on ten different lipsticks that I normally buy. I was amazed to see a white shade in the palette that made me so happy about it. Since this has been created using natural ingredients I feel more confident using this on regular basis. I don't have to worry about putting chemicals on my skin. The lip color has creamy to matt finish and stays on lips for good three to four hours with eating and drinking. The palette has a small mixing tray that you can use to create your own shade. I always play with my lip colors and create one for myself. Click here to buy online

Netsurf Cosmetics Review

Netsurf Rang De Concealer Palette Review - Let me tell you something I have used herbal concealer before and that was greasy. Because of my past experience I was quite skeptical about Rang De Natural Ingredient Concealer Palette. But upon using this I realized this is the best concealer i have used till date. Not only it feels good on my skin but also is non greasy just like the one I always desire to use. Rang De concealer palette has five shades, one corrector and is priced at Rs. 1,799. There are two kinds to choose from one for light to medium skin tone and other is medium to dark skin tone. All the shades are apt for Indian skin tone and serves the purpose. I have few acne marks on my cheeks and I am using Rang De Concealer regularly for that. Again its being natural gives me more confidence to use this regularly. The palette comes with a cute, small sponge for the application. Overall I have become fan of this concealer in no time. Click here to buy online

Netsurf Cosmetics Review

Netsurf Rang De Kajal Review - This is a pen kajal very easy to use. I am a kajal girl and on top of that using a herbal kajal always makes me happy especially when it stays for long. Netsurf Kajal is dark black in color and stays easily for five to six hours without smudging. See this is the fact that kajal that are made with chemicals have higher staying power than herbal kajal. So I am okay with even five to six hours as long as I am using a good product on my eyes. Kajal is priced at Rs. 499. 

All the products above have expiry period of two years which is sufficient time for cosmetics to last. I completely recommend these products to all my readers. 

R&W Rating - 5/5 

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