Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil Review

 Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil Review 

Who doesn't want skin that is flawless and healthy? What if I share with you a secret that you too can achieve this goal by using 100% natural, ayurvedic product. 

The product is Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil and I will be sharing a detailed review of this oil after using it for over a month. 

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil Review

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil Review 

From the last year, I added facial oils to my skincare regime as earlier I wasn't comfortable using facial oils owing to my oily skin. I was under impression that my face might end up looking like blubbery in a few hours. 

That's why I stayed away from facial oils for so long. It's only a few months back that I came across an article highlighting the benefits of using face oil on the skin. This time this article had a profound effect on me and next few days I read multiple articles and did my own research about facial oils. 

When I was convinced, then only I decided to start my journey of using facial oils. The most expensive and latest in my collection is Just Herbs Kimsukadi Glow Boosting Facial Oil. 

The texture of Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil is non-sticky and six to seven drops are sufficient for extreme winters. I started using this in the last week of December and imagine that time and Delhi winters. In mild weather, I think three to four drops will be sufficient for an oily skin type and for normal to dry say five to six drops. 

Because of its texture, Kimsukadi oil gets absorbed into the skin in no time without any sticky residue. My skin has actually started looking visibly clear, plump, nourished, and most importantly healthy. There is this evenness to my skin that I had never experienced before. After two weeks of using this facial oil, my mom asked me one morning why my face is glowing so much all of a sudden, and this oil was a secret. And I am not kidding here. This actually happened. 

And I was so lazy in winters that I didn't use any face mask for straight four weeks in severe winters. 

Every day, after the bath, when my face was a bit damp, I used to apply Just Herbs facial oil and would massage in a circular motion. This technique makes it easy to spread the oil evenly on the face

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil was helpful in lighting up some old acne marks. I won't say they went away 100% but yes there was a visible difference in my skin before and after using Just Herbs Facial Oil. 

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil has been a winner in the category 'Best Face Oil' in Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2019. 

Just Herbs Kimsukadi Oil comes in a small bottle with a dropper. The dropper is of good quality and convenient to use. Just Herbs has claimed that their Kimsukadi oil is a certified organic product, there are no parabens and mineral oils in it. Key ingredients used in this oil is sesame oil, palash, sandalwood, laksha, indian madder, mulethi, safflower, vetiver roots, himalayan wild cherry, turmeric root. 

Even the smallest size 15ml of Just Herbs is priced at Rs. 1,595 but is it worth investing in, so my answer to this is yes, it is. Click here to buy online 


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