For me writing is not just my passion, rather it's in my soul. I am Megha Gupta founder and publisher of lifestyle blog

Writing for me is like a meditation and this has led me to experiment with various kinds of writing. That's why my lifestyle blog looks like a cocktail with different flavours 

I have been writing from more than three years now. I also work as content writer for various lifestyle, e-commerce, educational and travel websites. With MBA in finance and more than five years of experience in the domain I have written writeups for various banking and non-banking institutions as well in layman language. At times people don't want to read about mutual funds, investment plans because they find that complicated. These clients approach me to simplify the plans for them so that general audience read them with interest. 

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  1. Dear Megha ,
    We all are so busy in ourlife because we want to achieve a goal which we have decided at any cost and for that we forget everything but blogs like this relive us. Thank you so much.

  2. Hello from an old blogger friend.
    I still remember how you were so eager to write something on blog but couldn't find any content. But finally you made it big. Congratulations and all the best. I still have to find that inspiration.

    1. Thanks Varun, you were my first blogger friend and so that makes it special :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my post ..:) . It's good to hear your story and be inspired...Never give up !